Covid-Conscious Group Experiences

Rebuilding Corporate Culture and Reintegration Workshop Series

The changing business landscape requires a new approach to fostering engagement within our teams and organizations. Through the pandemic, many companies experienced employee disengagement, struggles with company culture and values reinforcement, conflicts in perspectives of safety, and challenges of how to best re-integrate with co-workers.

With this in mind, Onyx has developed customized ‘COVID conscious’ group experiences that are conducted in-person and outdoors. These experiences provide connection opportunities that specifically address and support the re-emergence of companies back in offices and teams working with one another in-person.

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We have systems and programs developed from years of experience that help organizations build programs that will help bring your team together and increase communication and efficiency. Now, we have adapted these programs to connect people in a safe way are adjusted to meet the current safety protocols in real-time.

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Workshop Options Include:

Rebuilding Corporate Culture

Complete a variety of hands-on exercises with your team to get realigned with the company’s vision, culture, and new conditions in a post-COVID world. This event can be held indoors or outdoors. These sessions are led by trained and certified Onyx program specialists that have years of experience reintegrating teams to align with the company’s mission, values and indicators for success. Your team will leave the workshop with alignment on the company’s key objectives and an action plan for short and long-term goals.

Team Re-Connections

Our Team Connections experience has been enjoyed by thousands of participants over the last 15 years. Bringing teams together for a day of team-work, problem solving and group discussions is what we enjoy most. We have redesigned our team connections program to re-connect your company culture and set the stage for a return to more in-person work after a year of challenging and fragmented teamwork and communication. Bring your team together for a day of bonding, learning and personal growth.

Team Wellness & Re-Integration: Transitioning Back into the Corporate World

Many things have changed in our personal and professional worlds due to the pandemic. In order to bring your team back in a strong and sustainable way, we must acknowledge what we have experienced in this last year. Open lines of communication, rebuild trust and enjoy each other’s company with a day of reintegration. Built on a foundation of wellness, mindfulness and team building activities, this meaningful time spent with your team is essential to moving forward with balance.

Building Back Better

The new economy requires a new approach to support your team’s personal and professional development. This facilitated experience focuses on creating fresh habits and changing behaviors for a new work environment. As we aspire to be the best version of ourselves, we allow a framework and a roadmap for others to lead in the same way.

Outdoor Adventure Day

Re-socialize and build relationships with your team while enjoying a variety of fun outdoor group experiences! Choose from activities like dance cardio, guided hiking, field day games, kayaking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, a sound bath, volleyball tournament, tai chi, and more. Wellness in the workplace has never been more important - these activities help teams to reduce stress, increase productivity and enjoy the camaraderie drawn from a light-hearted day while creating shared memories.

Back to Work Day

Similar to a “Back to School” Day, this event includes meet and greets, reconnection exercises and in-person team building activities. Develop new connections as the Onyx team leads you through Icebreakers, Get-to-Know-Yous, Group Energizers, and fun activities to celebrate a return to in-person/post remote work. Make it a full-day experience with an Amazing Race or Scavenger Hunt to add an element of office competition and fun to the day!