Welcome to Onyx Offsites and Trainings By Positive Adventures

We are on a journey to inspire, transform, and unify teams. In order to elevate the workforce more confidently and energetically, we created Onyx Offsites and Trainings.

We have a rich history, making a difference for teams for more than 20 years. Our mission defines why we exist:

To create meaningful culture, connection, and change.

"Onyx is embedded into the needs of humanity and aims to find nurturing and supportive ways of learning and growing. While the pandemic created upheaval in the home and workforce, and as such we have adapted as well. We have long been a part of outdoor training and retreats and the time was demanding we rise to the challenge in support of our community."

Melissa Lopez — CEO, Positive Adventures, Onyx Offsites & Teams

Web Mockup

Our New Brand

Welcome to Onyx.

Our new company and visual identity symbolize the next step in our journey, and enables us to tell the story of our purpose with impact and positive energy.

Letter of Introduction from Founder Ryan Shortill ›

A bold, confident, and dynamic new brand.

Onyx teams reflects our courage, adaptability as a business, and our positive impact on people and the environment.

dynamic new brand

Our Logo

The elevating mountain peaks are a symbol that stand for impact, strength and adaptability, inspired by our purpose to inspire, transform, and unify. It emphasizes our role in the world as a catalyst for positive transformation. The name Onyx is a stone that offers up powerful vibrations of protection, strength, focus, and willpower. This stone is here to continuously push you forward in your life.

new logo

Our Typography

Our typefaces Mokoko and Reason are dynamic and allow us to deliver powerful messages clearly for impact.


Our Color Palette

Our brand colors are inspired by nature, and aligned to our purpose of global positive impact.


Our Photography

New and recycled photography from our founding company, Positive Adventures, connects us with nature and our communities. It demonstrates the tangible impact Onyx has on people’s lives, our strong partnerships, and the world.


"Onyx represents decades of experience being on the leading edge of corporate learning and retreats. We created the sharpest and finest organization we could imagine in the realm of possibilities. We know now more than ever coming out of a pandemic the world needed something more than business was ready for and we set out to build this company in the first weeks of the shutdown. As always we are always looking many steps ahead."

Ryan Shortill — Founder, Positive Adventures, Onyx Offsites & Teams

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