Introducing Onyx Offsites and Trainings

New Corporate Division of Parent Company “Positive Adventures”

Deeply ingrained into the community, Positive Adventures was initially founded in 2005 by Ryan Shortill, servicing businesses, schools, teams and individuals. Ryan’s vision and mission was to unite humanity by incorporating the magic and beauty of nature into experiential education and team building for groups of adults as well as youth.

After more than fifteen years of growth, 2020 started off with tremendous success stemming from the continued expansion of the Positive Adventures (PA) business. Ryan and his business partner Jered Cherry recognized the rapid acceleration in both the youth outdoor education division, as well as the team building and consultation services for the corporate groups. With a desire to maintain the PA brand and continue offering the core youth and outdoor education programs, there were various areas of opportunity to elevate the corporate programming business. Knowing the corporate based audience has very different needs that must be met and communicated, the development of a new brand and vision for these professional programs was explored. They decided to take this opportunity to bring on a seasoned and experienced CEO (Melissa Lopez), who had substantial experience in expansion of businesses through marketing and strategic business planning initiatives. Melissa joined the team in February 2020, with a plan put in motion to expand and refine the corporate and executive programming being offered.

Enter March 2020, when the world as we knew it came to a screeching halt. In-person group gatherings were restricted, with our industry and business facing the possibility of collapse after years of inspiring growth. The COVID pandemic threatened every core value our company focused on fulfilling through our mission. However, we knew that our role was going to become more critical than ever to preserve the culture and team connectivity companies relied upon within their organizations, especially with the reality of transitioning their workplaces into remote fashions.

The pandemic was an opportunity for us to lean into the changing times of business and it required us to adapt to accommodate the new set of challenges facing the global workforce. We have always sought to support and aid in the process of moving from suffering to experiencing the innate potentiality of the person and the group as a whole. And with that, our new corporate brand “Onyx Offsites & Trainings” was formed.

For Onyx Offsites and Trainings, in addition to the fundamental connectivity aspects we initially built in our programs while operating under Positive Adventures, the new corporate division will exclusively focus on serving companies and corporations for team building, offsites, retreats, virtual programs, corporate social responsibility contributions and more. With an ability to serve both small- and large-scale businesses, Onyx has set a vision to deliver concierge, once-in-a-lifetime team experiential education and experiences to our devoted and success-driven clients.

Onyx recognizes that there is a “New Corporate Normal” that needs to be recognized and addressed, one that includes a higher level of remote employee engagements and hybrid working conditions, needs for re-integration of teams within office environments, reconnections with office culture, and so much more. Addressing these challenges and newer circumstances head-on with in-person or hybrid team training is critical to establishing, building and continuously improving company culture and communication.

Uncertainty and great upheaval not only require focused change, but also provides opportunities for growth and adjusting to the ways things have been. The great thinker Alan Watts states: "The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance". Onyx was forged to help groups make sense of their experience and sense of place. With decades of experience working in outdoor and experiential formats, we are changing the very nature and outcomes of offsites, retreats and training.

Onyx is embedded into the needs of humanity and aims to find nurturing and supportive ways of learning and growing. While the pandemic created upheaval in the home and workforce, and as such we have adapted as well. We have long been a part of outdoor training and retreats and the time was demanding we rise to the challenge in support of our community. We shifted and developed programming based on the needs of the people to ensure we could alleviate if not all but some of the suffering we have collectively experienced. Society is requiring us to look deeply at how things have been and enticing us to envision how our experience can be seen in the future. We have created the most current and updated models of programs delivered to support and end the unneeded pains of our time.

We welcome you to our new corporate brand Onyx Offsites & Trainings – still the same dream team of Positive Adventures programs, but with an elevated experience promised to all who partake in our coveted programs both in-person and virtually.

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